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Welcome to the website of Amazing Visa and Education Services. We are now serving to provide you specific solution-based services for your Australian education, career and migration services

We work in exclusive and amazing collaboration with registered migration agents spread across Australia and specializing in specific visa subclass processing.



courses and career conselling.



New student visa and student visa extensions. 


Other Services

Trade & professional, occupation skill assessment.

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We’re All Simply Amazing!You & Us!

Our main goal is to serve you on processes relating to convenient course application, skill assessment applications, Test bookings and overall visa application process through our team of certified education agent and migration agents. We work in exclusive and amazing collaboration with registered migration agents spread across Australia and specialising in specific visa subclass processing.

Our Vision

To be known as a fair, trust-worthy, and effective team in the field of Australian education, migration services around the globe.


To be part of your education and migration journey with amazing moments and keep up the amazing culture of growth & celebrations.


We value Quality Service standards in price and products, Quality over Quantity, Accurate information, Respect, Responsibility, Innovation, Integrity, collaboration, Growth for everyone, Corporate Social Responsibilities and competitive edge.

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One of the core values of the founder of Amazing Visa and Education Services is not to take excessive client sign ups and keep clients in limbo.

Our Services

What We Do Offer

Other services

Other services

Trade and Professional occupation Skill Assessment (Overseas work experiences are valid)

Visa / Migration

Visa / Migration

Currently, you can reach out to us to apply and consult on following visas. New student visa and Student visa extensions



Course/career counselling. College Transfer (Normal change of course/provider, release application, CoE cancellation, etc)

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Meet Akash

Message From Director & CEO

Thank you for reading the manifestation of my amazing dream that has now turned into an amazing reality. Working in education consulting and tertiary education industry (India, Australia) for over 10 years of my life, I have been through all fine details of the two way experience that is felt and dealt by both international students and service providers such as education agency, individual consultants, overall team in the business and tertiary education providers.

Team Amazing Education and Visa Services will forever be determined to work with a balanced approached while addressing each process of the business and service. I personally believe in possibilities with true dedication and zeal to learn. Anything and everything is possible if human mind strives to achieve it.

Let’s embrace our motto – We’re all simply amazing! – You & Us.


Akash B.C (Budhathoki)
QEAC M888, Australia.

+2 Science- Nepal
BBA- Industry Integrated- India
Masters of Commerce – Australia


Mentors & Clients

    Mohan Dhungana
    Mohan Dhungana

    Director- AusStudies Education

    Since the day I know him, I have found Akash Budhathoki as a man with a lot of enthusiasm and determination approach, full of charismatic behaviour and have abundance knowledge of this Australian Education system. I was very happy when he shared me this good news of opening of his own Amazing venture. I would like to wish him a very successful in all his endeavours.

      Rajendra Rijal- CEO
      Rajendra Rijal- CEO

      Kathmandu Infosys Education Consultancy (KIEC Pvt. Ltd)

      It’s been a decade of knowing Akash. He has always regarded me as his mentor, and I have done my best to provide him with all the guidance required. He has profound knowledge and experience in Australian education and visa through his years of experience. I’m sure his new business, Amazing Education and Visa Services, will cater to international students with the best of their knowledge and services. I wish him and his team all the very best.

        Samip Pokharel
        Samip Pokharel

        Student- Charles Sturt University

        I have had the pleasure to know Aakash from my first day in Australia. I have always known Aakash as a highly dedicated person with a zeal for helping students choose a better pathway in their learning career. His quench for personal development is contagious. I often refer to him whenever I need help regarding any academic decisions and his advice always highly influence my decision.I wish Aakash the very best for his future endeavours.

          Sanjay Ghimire
          Sanjay Ghimire

          Director- Mission USA Education Consultancy, Nepal

          I know Aakash for more than 12 years now. He is one of the most dedicated, diligent, self-motivated and focused person. I’ve known him when he was just 12 pass and was seriously seeking for a better studying and career opportunity. It feels great to see him grow steadily and become a successful person in wherever he ventured. He is the man of word, and he does whatever it takes to keep the word. I wish him all success. While in Nepal he professionally guided and mentored the deserving students in their study and career goal as an instructor and counsellor.

            Mahesh Singh
            Mahesh Singh

            Director, Chief Operating Officer Oceania Education and Visa Services

            I have known Akash for around 5 years now. I found him to be conclusive, direct yet welcoming. Akash understands the cultural distinctions of different markets and uses his networking skills to effectively develop high relationships. He has a keen interest to learn which is reflected in his ability to participate in all aspects of the business-like counselling, career guidance, marketing and managing besides his core competencies. With me he has spent hours discussing, how to improve the student experience, business environment and most importantly customer delight. Akash is an uncomplicated man with has passion for contributing for betterment of education industry as well as social causes. Akash’s knowledge, skills and passion makes him an huge asset for the education industry.

              Slawka Tymosiewicz
              Slawka Tymosiewicz

              Kent Institute- Recruitment Executive

              Aakash is the person you can put in charge of any project, and he will complete it with better results that you’ve asked for. For all the years I have known Aakash, he has always been extremely professional and very well informed about topics that needed attention. Aakash has an easy way of making connections with people by being genuinely interested in them. I see it as an extremely important asset in any business, as this makes his projects successful; he really listens to understand, suggests different solutions, listens some more and then delivers great outcomes. He is committed to anything he decides to take charge of. I would highly recommend Aakash to anyone who needs a professional consultation and services for Australian education and career counselling.

                Dr. Sandeep Arora
                Dr. Sandeep Arora

                Chancellor, Kalinga University, New Raipur, India -492001

                I know Akash since his BBA days at Algol School of Management and Technology, Gurgaon now Gurugram, India. Akash used to be equally good at academics and sports, persuasive, well-mannered and with leadership qualities. I wish Amazing Education and Visa Services great success under his leadership.

                  Scott Yung
                  Scott Yung

                  Liberal For Kogarah at NSW Liberal Party

                  Aakash is a person of utmost integrity. Trust is the most important value when it comes to getting the right person to get the job done for you. I’ve known Aakash over many years, and he has always been a man of his words. Whenever something needed to be delivered, he delivered. He puts his head down and work hard to get those results. But more so, this is someone you could genuinely trust because he’s got those good values – he’ll be honest with you.

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